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Nagano Aurora – Community helpers (November 20th-24th)

Hello everyone!

We had another fun week, which was highlighted by a fun trip to the Nagano Olympic Museum at M-wave and a great rehearsal on stage at the Nagano City Arts Center.

Field trip to M-Wave

We have moved on to our second LOI “What is in our city?” We introduced the term “Community” and discussed what kind of community helpers we have in our city.

One of our students’ dads is a luge coach, and we were fortunate enough to get a tour of the Nagano Olympic Museum at M-wave. The children had a great time seeing the various exhibits and learning about the Olympics.

After coming back to school, the kids were given the opportunity to ride special luge sleds with wheels around the school’s parking lot.

We want to thank you for inviting us and providing us with a wonderful tour of the museum! The kids also had an incredible time riding the sleds!

You can check out all the pictures from our trip here:


The kids did a fantastic job in our rehearsal for the Christmas show. Everyone listened nicely to the teachers and tried their best when we practiced. I’m so proud of everyone in Aurora!