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Nagano Rainbow ~Musical chair!!(November 20th-24th)

Hello everyone!

Here we are for another fun week for Rainbow! As we learn the body parts, we also know their uses. We did some activities, and one of them was a Musical chair. We all had fun; some cried when the music stopped because they couldn`t find a chair.

Body parts

We had a flashcard for a boy and a girl who lacked body parts, and we had to stick the parts to where they should be. We chose one part, showed it to everyone, and said what kind of parts we had in our hand, and then we stuck it to the flashcard. Some of us were diffident but still managed to do it well.


We had so much fun playing at the park in the lovely weather. We were unlucky this week, unable to play in the playground we always visited because it was crowded. We went to the small one and had a good time playing hide-and-seek in the maze, which was one of our favorites.


When we could not play outside or go to the park, we did indoor activities like dancing. They requested to dance to use our remaining energy of the day! We scream, roll around, jump, skip, and sweat.

Birthday party

We had a birthday party for each class this month because the older classes were busy practicing our Christmas show. Happy birthday!!!!

I appreciate your interest. See you again next week. Have a lovely weekend, and stay warm!!