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Nagano Milky Way: Japanese tea ceremony

We went for a cultural trip this week to learn about Japanese tea ceremony this week. We further improved our Christmas show play through this experience and we got better idea what should we do in the play. We visited the traditional Japanese tea room and learned how to make authentic green tea. Besides that, we also want to say, “Thank you very much!” to the parent who supported us in this trip!

Our kids did their best in their Korean dance!

For phonics, we learned the sound of “ore” and below is the video for practice at home.
今週のフォニックスですが、 “ore” の音について学びました。下記にビデオを添付致しますので、お家で復習をお願い致します。

We will be focusing on Christmas show play and music performance practice for the upcoming weeks until the Christmas show day. This will include the kids to get the costume and props ready for the show, able to speak their lines and acting properly. We will update you about our practice and updates as well. Keep it up, Milky Way!