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Nagano Shooting Stars Hike to the Orchard in Light Rain (week of November 6-10)

A busy week of learning and fun ended very nicely with a bus trip on Friday to pick our own apples at an orchard just near the KAWANAKAJIMA Old Battlefield which we visited last month. A sprinkle of rain did not stop us from enjoying the hike to the orchard and the fun of picking our own apples!

In swimming class, nearly everyone is able to put their face and head in the water, and the braver swimmers are swimming a longer distance by themselves.

Everyone has fun in dance class while running, skipping, hopping, crawling like various animals, AND following the teacher to dance in rhythm to the longer dance routines.

We’re finishing up our first LOI (Line of Inquiry) about “Cities in Japan”. Students named many cities, and we spelled the names together. They know where cities are usually found, and some of the many things we need to support good cities and the surrounding countryside Next week we move into the second LOI: What makes Japan Japan?
UOIですが、来週以降 、What makes Japan Japan?:何が日本を作っているのかについて学ぶ予定です。皆様、良い週末をお過ごしください。いつもISNの活動にご理解・ご協力頂き、ありがとうございます!