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Nagano Rainbow~Happy Halloween! (October23rd-27th)

Good Day, everyone!!

Thank you so much for coming to our Halloween party! We were astonished by your efforts and all your wonderful costumes! Some of the Rainbow friends were embarrassed and scared, most especially during photo time. We were all brave enough to fight our fears to be in that place with many people. We made a snack box that we used to collect snacks for each booth after we played the game.


For our music lesson this week, we learned how to balance on one foot. We had so much fun doing it, even though some of us fell down at first.

Outside play/ Park

We had lovely weather this week, so we enjoyed playing at the park! We chased teachers, ran around with friends, played under the slide pretending we were at the supermarket, and sold some vegetables, one of our favorites, every time we visited the park. We also enjoyed playing at the playground on our campus.

I appreciate your support of our blog. See you again next week!

Have a lovely Sunday!

( Next week, I will include the songs that we chose for our Christmas show.)